Consumer Relations Policy

A Free Online Consumer Information Service

[Revised 6/18/19]

1. (SWF) is primarily a free online consumer information service for parents and other patrons. Information is shared  about useful consumer service-product offerings. These are not available through SWF. Instead, said service-product offerings are available through consumer verified and favored merchandising entities with which parents, etc. choose to transact business. 

*Abbreviated Service Description:

" (SWF) is a free online consumer information service for accessing services-products via favored merchandising entities which support family values."


SWF Does Not Handle Any Portion Of Transactions

2.  SWF does not solicit funds at any time from consumers or otherwise accept, process, handle, track, or have any direct relation to consumer transactions, orders, or other business specifically the accountability of said merchandising entities.



3. Merchandisers within the meaning of SWF are merchandising entities which SWF researched and found to have overall and long-term excellence for offering and delivering useful on-demand consumer services-products. SWF merely shares with consumers free information about  availability of the same.

Therefore, when issues arise among parents and other patrons about services-products of said merchandising entities, SWF recommends that such issues/inquiries be referred to the same.


Although SWF is sincerely proud and honored sharing free information with parents and other patrons about time-worthy and immensely helpful services-products offered by reputable merchandising entities, it cannot legally intervene or otherwise meddle in any way with  matters pertaining to disputes or general inquiries best addressed with said merchandising entities. They alone have the inherent legal prerogative to respond to these as they arise.

PRIVACY STATEMENT (SWF) will not at any time share your name, email address, or any other private personal information you share with this entity which is specifically traceable to you.

2. SWF is a FREE online consumer service entity with special emphasis on family values. This entity does not  and has no cause to require fees or otherwise transact business with patrons. Therefore, there is no requirement for accessing information such as consumer full names, date of birth, Social Security Number and other sensitive numbers including those connected to financial accounts.

3. However, if there is information consumers share which can be legally used to the benefit ofother consumers and to SWF better serving them, SWF may use that information alone, but will not mention the name or associative names, titles,, email address(s), or any other privileged business or personal information which is universally regarded as private and unsuitable for sharing without the consumer's expressed consent.



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