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 This "Special Ticket Information" is applicable to what Shoppingwithfinesse.com regards as general online "ticket purchasing."  Actually, you are purchasing electronically generated  or digital codes (printable) specific to the movie (s) you would like to see with your family. If you are able to print out the actual tickets, it is still a codified matter.

Here Shoppingwithfinesse.com (SWF) presents practical information about the usual online "ticket purchase" procedure.


You can "purchase" them 24/7. When you purchase tickets online, you receive an electronically generated purchase confirmation code to your iPhone/Tablet, and/or Computer.(If not the ticket, itself). No two codes are the same. This takes into consideration that when you are using your iPhone/Tablet  it is equipped with the appropriate app. If Computer, the matter is self-explanatory. 

No two codes are the same.


* iPhone or Tablet w/Special App for the merchandising firm you are ordering the tickets through. Although there are generic apps for making online "ticket purchases." if you opt to make them through Fandango, SWF recommends that you do so through that merchandising entity. Here is the link for it: FANDANGO

The reason apps are required using iPhones/Tablets is that if they are not pre-equipped with adequate generic apps for obtaining the information required about movies, where they are showing, accessing the "online ticket booths" for making purchases at a specific box office establishment, etc.,  no online purchases can occur.

* Computer. This is the other option. Computers are immensely compatible with all which is required for successfully "purchasing tickets" online. You can print them out.





Once again, as mentioned earlier with consideration to  required equipment: "When you purchase tickets online, you receive an electronically generated purchase confirmation code to your iPhone/Tablet, and/or Computer.(If not the ticket, itself). No two codes are the same. This takes into consideration that when you are using your iPhone/Tablet  it is equipped with the appropriate app. If Computer, the matter is self-explanatory." If you require apps for overall movie information and making purchases Shoppingwithfinesse.com can be very helpful there. The apps we share information about can be obtained through Fandango. You can look into this right now to see if whether or not they will perfectly suit your purposes: FANDANGO.





Assuming you have "landed" as per the visual prompts in the website of the actual merchandising entity (Here BFTH is partial to Fandango). You are in the area where you see the image of the movie you want to take your family to see. Let us say the image you click on is for HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 (The Image Below Is Not Active. It Is Only A Representation): 

After you click on the image of the movie you would like to see, you are switched to the area where you are able to sample the trailer. It would look like this:

 Your trailer for the movie is in the center. As usual, click on the area and there you go! When you are satisfied with the trailer for HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3, you move your cursor to the tool bar slightly above to the right, then you click on the second orange arrow from your right near the word "TICKETS."  This will take you to the page where you can either continue with your selection or choose something else:

Notice the large orange numbers above "99205." This is a zip code. If the theater you would like to attend is in a different zip code, you can go down into the top of the body of the page where you see "GO" in the orange circle. To the left of that is a light bluish bar with ovular edges. At its left edge (inside) is the original entry for the zip code "99205" which is in large orange letters above. It can be deleted by simply deleting the original entry at the left of the bar inside.  [BELOW IS THE IDENTICAL WINDOW SHIFTED LOWER FOR YOUR VISUAL CONVENIENCE]


After you have deleted the zip code which appears to the left inside the light bluish bar with the ovular edges, enter the zip code you intend to see the movie in, then click "GO" in the orange circle. The page will "jump." But that is only because the zip code has been changed by you. You will still be on the same page. Next time you look up the large orange lettering should  be the zip code you want.

To The Right. Also you notice that the "banner" for HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 is still intact. Look to the bottom of it where it reads: "GET TICKETS". Once you click this you should be on this page:

NOTE: On this page, aside from the overhead banner, unlike on the page before, you will see no options for other movies below (Left). The only will be for HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3. 


Nevertheless, notice the highlighted "July 12." Normally when you get to this part, this is more or less for your information. It lets you know:

1. The date on which you may be intending to make your ticket purchase/made ticket purchase

2.  The date on which your movie is playing, and the time(s). 

 Notice to the Left-Lower Center of this page you see two rectangular boxes. Each one represents movie times for that particular theater. The orange is an on-going movie time, but the yellowish brown rectangle represents "black out" meaning there is no movie at that theater for whatever time it specifies.

Notice the dark band at the top of this small area for the 'REGAL NORTHTOWN MALL STADIUM 12." Below, as you scroll down (when you are on that page), there are other theaters in your zip code area with time schedules also. When you are ready to finally get to the section for ordering the tickets and seating, you click on the time (orange) your movie is playing at your chosen theater. This will automatically take you to the ticket sales area for listing the age, number of others, and arranging reserved seating. CHECKOUT:

 Upper Left. "How Many Tickets?" Reservations. How Many Adults, Seniors, Children. Pricing. Lower Right. Rectangular orange tab. Click. Choose your seats! Close the deal! Done. Your "ticket purchase confirmation(s)" should be immediately accessible to you from online via the means you used to make it or them: iPhone, Tablet, Computer. Since these are generated online and you have the recommended apps for you iPhone/Tablets, it is highly unlikely these would not also be accessible via your Laptop/Computer, as well.

Your confirmation should be in writing as well as clear specified itemizations of the purchases which have been made and an accompanying code or series of codes relative to each ticket genre: Adult, Senior, Child.

If you use Desk/Laptop, you are able to print the ticket (s)generated through your transaction containing the code(s). Your codes are "in the system" meaning that when they are presented at the box office they are normally immediately recognized. There are no typos or duplications since all codes are electronically generated in non-repetitive sequence i.e., No two codes are identical.

 Show Time At The Box Office

There are basically three options for presenting your codes (if you were unable to print the ticket) at the Box Office depending on each theater's policy relative to pre-sold tickets:

1. Code(s) scanned directly from iPhone/Tablet

2. Entering code(s) manually into Theater Ticket Dispenser (Kiosk)

3. Having code(s) scanned from computer print out containing it/them

Recommendation:  Use Computer Printing Option














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