Forward-Thinking Men Plan Ahead Against Last Minute Panic Attacks.5 Tips For Maximizing The Forward-Thinking Man In You. Online Shop Menswear With Finesse. Be Ready! SECURE

How  To  Use  SWF  National  Menswear  Portal

 Finesse: Smoothly handling what would otherwise be a tough situation - in an extraordinary way. Panache. Tact. Savoir Faire.

A man’s finesse is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt when he perfectly calculates his time to be ready  at  ‘SHOWTIME !’

Every man has the potential to dress fitting the occasion. We’re certainly not going to wear our pants dangling low around our behinds at a formal dinner party - nor are we going to appear at a special awards ceremony in tennis shorts. There’s a time for everything. All inclusive – a time for ordering topline men’s attire – online!

5 Tips Shopping Online – With Finesse

[These refer only to use of this SWF free-connect service for in the continental U.S.]



Although, in the continental US there’s a standard 3-day Shipping Policy, patrons may not want to place orders 3 days before the event. So if there’s something scheduled in a few days, now may not be a good time to place an order.

But if the big event is within a week or later, now could be the best time. This way when showtime is upon us, likewise will be our new outfit! Ready! Rockin’ steady! Finesse!




When men are scheduled to appear on short notice at a great event and see apparel on this SWF site which would be perfect for the occasion, there can be a snag: it is in less than a week. Here’s something forward-thinking men do: Plan well in advance. Preventative stagnation.

There are other events perhaps a week or more up the road – maybe it would be best to focus ordering now for those later appearances. In the meantime, for the present impromptu event, men can wear their present best. No sweat.




It’s possible to receive apparel and/or accessories on a holiday or during the weekend. But it’s safer not to count on that. In the continental US, most commercial shipping of physical items is done on weekdays. Shipping is typically by FedEx. Patrons easily track their orders. ‘Finesse!’

Best news is that when men order on a Saturday or Sunday very likely ordered apparel and accessories would be signed, sealed, and delivered some time during the upcoming work week! This is especially possible when there are no holidays in that week.




Always order well in advance of planned special occasions. Be ready!


Commercial entities i.e. retail, theatrical, movie, TV, etc. can also place orders.



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