Purchasing Tickets Online-Movies


3 Basic Ways To Purchase Tickets Online

1. Computer (Desktop/Laptop)-Most Recommended

2. iPhone

3. iPad

* Compter is always highly recommended because of its enormous convenience by way of large size,  speed of  ordering and printing of movie tickets (which may also have barcode[s]). Show it or them, you are in! 

*iPhone  because of its minute size by comparison requires a lot more time to "locate" the movie you want to see and later to "locate" the right frame for the digitally generated ticket. 

*iPad is a a bit more inconvenient  since even with the digitally generated ticket it can be a bit much for the box office setting.



Whether we have an online movie connection or not, we are welcome with FANDANGO. Proceed. 



If, for example we are thinking about purchasing tickets for the movie: "SHAZAM!," it is important to locate the movie.



For first-timers, being nervous is "normal." Expect to be but we may not want this to interfere with what we have come here for: Ticket Access for "SHAZAM!"



Click On the Image Below To Review The Trailer for our movie. There we will have prompts for getting our  digitally generated tickets within minutes. Enjoy!

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