Purchasing Tickets Online-Movies



3 Basic Ways To Purchase Tickets Online

1. Computer (Desktop/Laptop)-Most Recommended

2. iPhone

3. iPad

* Compter is always highly recommended because of its enormous convenience by way of large size,  speed of  ordering and printing of movie tickets (which may also have barcode[s]). Show it or them, you are in! 

*iPhone  because of its minute size by comparison requires a lot more time to "locate" the movie you want to see and later to "locate" the right frame which has the code/barcode for scanning. Very time-consuming.

*iPad is a a bit quicker than iPhone. However, it may not necessarily have printing capacity as well. Also very time-consuming.


Whether you have an online movie connection or not, you are welcome with FANDANGO. Proceed. 



If, for example you are thinking about purchasing tickets for the movie: "GLASS," it is important to locate the movie.



For first-timers, being nervous is "normal." Expect to be but you may not want this to interfere with what you have come here for: Ticket Access for "GLASS."



Click On the Image Below To Review The Trailer for your movie. There you will have prompts for accessing your tickets/related barcodes within minutes. Enjoy!

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 Show Time At The Box Office

As before: There are basically 3 options for arranging your tickets purchases online:

1. Computer (Desktop/Laptop) - Quickest, Most Convenient

2. iPhone - Slowest, Most Time-Consuming

3. iPad (or other compatible tablet) - Faster than iPhone, Immensely Slower Than Computer

Recommendation:  Use Computer Printing Option


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